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Finally successful!
Finally successful! Sobriety always seemed out of reach for me. Rehab Tulsa has a great program, and if you work for it you are going to get clean and sober!
, Tulsa Dec 15, 2011

Fantastic staff and counselors!
Fantastic staff and counselors! Rehab Tulsa’s rehab program literally broke through all the barriers I set up, and helped me to open up and speak in group or individual therapy. I believed that no one would understand me, or my problems with substance dependency, and that rehabilitation wouldn't work. Listening to my housemates and other addicts in the program, I started to appreciate that many of us have experienced similar things as I have. Just as soon as I began to communicate and open up, I felt myself getting much stronger mentally, and much healthier physically. Without Rehab Tulsa, I honestly don't think that I would be alive right now, and it was their concerned, compassionate personnel that really saved my life!
, Tulsa Oct 24, 2011

Encouraging and effective!
Encouraging and effective! I knew that after I had pushed away and hurt everybody that I loved, that I had hit rock bottom and was as sad and wretched as I felt. I had almost lost hope with all the rehab programs that I had tried and failed. Rehab Tulsa gave me hope again, helped me understand my substance addiction, and taught me the right way to identify and avoid my triggers. I think that without Rehab Tulsa, I would be by myself, miserable, and living on the streets - possibly even dead. Instead, I have my loved ones back again, I've got a great job, and the encouragement I need to keep sober and healthy.
, Tulsa Mar 13, 2011

Extremely effective!
Extremely effective! My rehab experience at Rehab Tulsa wasn't only effective and a success, but relaxing and calming because of their accommodations. I recommend them highly!
, Tulsa Jul 24, 2011

Saved my life!
Saved my life! I’m so thankful for Rehab Tulsa! Because of them, I have my life back, I'm capable of reconnecting with my loved ones, and I've got a great job in order to support my loved ones. If you need to alter your lifestyle, I would definitely recommend their detoxification and rehabilitation services!
, Tulsa Dec 27, 2012

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